A wart (verruca) is a benign tumor caused by the HPV virus (human papillo virus). There are more than 70 different types of warts.
A pedicurist has to deal with a verruca plantaris or foot wart. As the verruca is often at the sole of the foot, the wart is squeezed inwards while walking and often gets very painful.
A wart is also contagious. So don’t scratch or file it!

Foot warts

An ordinary foot wart is a cauliflower-like bulge of the skin. On the sole of the foot, warts are flat due to the body weight. Foot warts are – just like warts in other parts of the body – caused by a virus.

How to recognize foot warts

Warts and corns are often difficult to distinguish. The difference between a wart and a corn is that a wart hurts sideways and a corn hurts when pressed on top of it.

Types of foot warts

Foot warts are highly contagious. The common wart usually occurs at a younger age. There are several types of warts, including stalk warts, water warts, genital warts and age warts (the latter is a connective tissue tumor). Warts disappear in time, although this sometimes can take years. Unfortunately, warts on feet are an exception on this rule, they will rarely disappear by themselves.

The medical pedicurist

To determine whether we are dealing with a foot wart, you can consult the medical pedicurist. We can give you extensive professional advice on how to get rid of this unpleasant disorder.
Naturally, I am qualified and certified to perform specialized wart treatments.
Check out the chapter Low Level Laser for possible solutions to this problem.


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