New mountain boots

New mountain boots

During a foot treatment, I’ve been teaching about shoes for ages. You would say that after 33 years I know something about the right fit, material and sizes that a good shoe should meet.

In anticipation of my walks in Switzerland, so beloved, I wanted to buy a pair of new mountain shoes. Normally I go for the yellow label at the bottom of the sole. For me, that is a kind of characteristic of a really good and solid mountain shoe. Of course there are all kinds of categories. Where are you going to walk, what surface does this area have and how long will the hike take. All things to keep in mind. I myself walk in the mountains but don’t have to seriously climb on snow and / or rocks.


Usually I go to the largest specialized business (Beaver sport) in our country. There the assortment is wide and the employees have a lot of knowledge. Now my eye fell on an offer at the ANWB. Ah… will be pretty good and the price was very favorable. The latter is also not unimportant these days. Still in my white work uniform directly from the practice I drive to the shop. I rip my size from the shelf and fit the shoes. Seems reasonable. Yet for the color only another pair fit. There is a saleswoman (who does not know what a customer needs) who kindly wants to help me. After fitting 2 different kinds of shoes I think I have found my good pair. On the Alp I feel after 2 days of walking that my shoe on my right ankle joint is not completely comfortable. My clients would indicate that they still need to be walked in. That doesn’t exist. A shoe has to fit right away. They were also in the shop…. Am I just stupid or is it cheap is expensive. Well…I’m just gonna walk them out.

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