Everyone needs a vacation now and then.

To be away from work, to relax and not have to deal with the normal hectic life.

So why am I sitting here with pen and paper, on my vacation, writing a new blog? There is no paper, so I take the beautiful white napkin and get to work.

The answer again is feet, shoes, slippers, socks or no socks at all.

With a delicious cup of tea, a heavenly piece of schoggie pie and classical music playing in the background I am sitting in my favorite
Restaurant Felix on Belleveuplatz in Zurich.

Automatically I still look at how people walk, stand, move forward and of course with what kind of footwear they do this with. How does someone walk? Leaning back, I first look at the waiter. Neatly dressed in a black suit, with a snow-white shirt and wearing a kind of Mephisto shoe. Yes, he will be able to manage his thousands of steps a day. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same for his colleague. She is an older woman with gray hair, wearing a neat little white apron with lace trim, but her hands are crooked from arthritis. She smiles exceptionally friendly but when I sneak a peek down I see old sandals with adjustable straps that don’t fit her feet. Clearly super Hallux Valgus ( lump next to the big toe ) on both feet. The lumps of it are pushing between the straps of her pretty good slippers but hanging over the soles. I can already see the calluses on MTP 1 (Metatarsal phalange 1 / middle foot bone 1). Because of these problems this friendly waitress will have to visit a medical Pedicure very regularly I guess.

Well, I have vacations here in my beloved Switzerland, but letting go of our beautiful profession is a different matter.

If you want to know more about a Hallux Valgus lump, please inquire at the medical pedicure salon Aangenaam in Amsterdam.