Dusty Journals

Dusty Journals


Changes always take place in our lives. New studies, a marriage, the birth of children and saying goodbye to loved ones.

Changes also take place in the world of medical pedicures. At the moment a lot of changes take place due to the corona virus. When I read the reactions in a professional magazine and on an internet forum for chiropodists a lot is changing for many pedicures.

Also at fairs, congresses and lectures I listened carefully and sometimes I am ashamed of my colleagues. I’m sorry, but if there are pedicures who don’t know what accreditation points are yet, I am really embarrassed. Some of them can’t even pronounce the word.

Curious as I am, I’d like to take a look at the floor next to their couch. I think there’s a pile of newspapers, magazines, bills and probably this trade journal in between still neatly wrapped up in cellophane. Just taken off the doormat  together with the rest of the leaflets, advertisements and local newspapers.

I understand that we are all busy, busy and busy but come on, we have such a beautiful profession. It really is a great profession! Not everyone has to be a sponge like me, who, as soon as the magazine drops on the door mat, is focused to read the whole magazine without being interrupted.

But… and I don’t want to seem patronising but  it’s really important to stay up to date and know what’s going on around us. It is and sometimes remains a lonely profession. To keep yourself awake it is just nice to talk to colleagues in InterVision groups and exchange professional experiences. We don’t have to be afraid of each other. There is plenty of work for all of us.

This year, with so many changes but also always opportunities and perhaps also a good intention to become even more professional and to pick out that pile and then get rid of dust and cellophane and read about all those accreditation points.

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