Corona protocol Pedicure salon Aangenaam

In response to the reporting via our professional organisation Provoet and the guidelines of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, hereuntder you will find the guidelines and working method of pedicuresalon Aangenaam in the coming period.

  • If you have an appointment, do not come to the practice too early
  • When you have an appointment, come ONLY! If necessary, a maximum of 1 caregiver is allowed inside.
  • When we make an appointment by phone, you will receive an instruction from me about protective materials for yourself. This means that on the outside door of the practice there is a plastic ( new ) bag for you with 2 surgical gloves and a mouth mask. If you bring a carer, please let us know in advance so we can have an extra mouth mask and an extra pair of gloves ready.

The correct way to put on the nasal mask is shown on the outside door.
Inside you will find me with mouth mask and goggles already on.
I follow the non-hand shaking policy when entering. I also let you put on, and take off your shoes (and/or clothes) yourself. You are also requested to pay by PIN. Due to the higher limit for contactless payments, a PIN code is not required for payments below € 50,-.

Please note! No treatment may be carried out if you:

  • have a cold, cough and/or sneeze.
  • Have a fever.
  • Have been in an infected area.
  • Have been in contact with someone who has the coronavirus. This also applies if any roommate(s) meet the above. In the above cases we will not charge a fee for cancelling your appointment. However, we do ask you to cancel an appointment by reporting one of the above reasons as early as possible.

During your visit it is advisable NOT to use your mobile phone or put it down somewhere.

After you have left the practice there is a closed trash can (with foot pedal!) in front of the frontdoor where you can deposit your gloves and mouth mask. There is also a pump for alcohol disinfection liquid to clean your hands afterwards.

If you still have questions, please contact me via the contact request on the website.

Thank you very much and stay healthy.
Fia Korper-Waagenaar

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