Braces, orthoses, nail repair/regulation



In case of an ingrowing nail, a special brace can be mounted. This will help the nail to grow back to a normal position within a few months. You can compare it with braces in the mouth to change the position of the teeth. There are different techniques to put the braces on your toe nail. Personally, I prefer to work with techniques as, Composiet nailregulation, B.S. Tension, Ony-Clip and Podofix. The type of brace is dependent on the position of the nail. Of course I’ll be happy to give you individual advice if needed.



Another tool to relieve toes, pressure spots or friction points are orthoses.
An orthosis is out of a silicone material that we, as specialized medical pedicurist, can make ourselves. We apply and place the orthosis on, between or under your toes. As a result, a wound, corn or crooked toe will stop being painful or damaged further, and it can disappear altogether.
This is an excellent solution, especially for diabetic feet where there is a risk of ulcers. If you need more information about this particular topic, please let me know




Nail repair / Nail regulation

In case of a trauma nail with a missing piece of nail, a black nail, a fungal spot or if a bump nail has developed and thus the nail can no longer grow over the toetop (skin), it is possible to have an artificial nail made of liquid gel; naturally, this nail will be modelled in the right shape.
Thanks to this technique, you will have a beautiful nail with which you can enjoy the summer. What used to be an ugly nail is eliminated by the LCN treatment. Feel free to drop by for more information.



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