Pedicuresalon Aangenaam offers a wide range of treatments within the field of foot care.
In addition to the basic treatment, we also offer specialised medical pedicure for the diabetic foot, oncological foot, spastic foot, geriatric foot and rheumatic foot. Moreover, you can also contact us for laser treatments with “Low Level Laser Therapy” (LLLT), brace technique for ingrowing toenails and nail repair & regulation with gel for a trauma nail.

What do we do during the treatment?

A pedicure treatment consists of several steps:

The feet are disinfected with a skin disinfectant (normal nail polish is removed, with gel nail polish this is unfortunately not possible). If the nails are hypertrophic (very thick), they are first diminished by milling. The nails will be cut when applicable. Then I treat corns, cut calluses, remove fissures, treat ingrowing nails and remove calluses from warts. Warts are an hpv virus and are a separate story. After this everything is finished/smoothened with a wet technique pedicure milling machine. The nail area is cleaned if necessary. Once again the feet are disinfected and finally creamed. All this is painless !!!!

Advices during the treatment

Of course, I look at the shoes and socks and do not miss out on the information and advice so that any complaints will not return. Because of the many years of teaching this beautiful profession, I am and will remain the teacher. In the Netherlands, we have generally learned little from our parents or educators about foot care. The element of advice is therefore very important to me. Of course, I like to talk about holidays and other fun things, but clients generally come to me with a request for help, and that is what I focus on.

The specialized treatment of the “foot at risk” — such as diabetes mellitus and rheumatism foot — is the same but includes an extensive screening of the feet at the outset. A referral to other specialists / disciplines could also happen if necessary.


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