Anamnese means ‘memory’.

Anamneses are completed in all types of care, such as by doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and also (medical) paediatricians. An anamnesis form used to be completed on a cardboard card and kept in iron boxes or drawers. Nowadays, we all use a computer or laptop. Everything is on a PC. Handy, but the device must work properly and we must have a wifi connection. When there are failures, we immediately scream blue murder. We can’t do anything anymore. But I digress. As you can read, I am still a bit of the old school despite my website, blogs and computer system with an anamnesis programme.

An anamnesis in a programme looks a little different. Nowadays, every profession and discipline has its own developed programme. This is also the case for foot care. We can choose from 3 major systems. The programme I have chosen was developed by a pedicurist in collaboration with ICT people. She also thought it should be easy to use. This has completely succeeded. I have been working with this Podofile programme since 2007.

Why do we use an anamnesis and why is this so important?

Because we see so many different clients/patients, we cannot remember all the personal and medical details. Therefore, we write down as much as possible. We also note down all the things we see at the time of the foot treatment and we can read back what was written down during the previous pedicure treatment. For example, a chalky nail (fungus nail).  In this way, we can see whether any problems have improved or worsened and at that moment we can also decide whether to refer someone to a GP, GP’s practice assistant, diabetes nurse, podiatrist, orthopaedic shoemaker, orthopaedic shoe technician, oncologist, rheumatologist or rehabilitation specialist. Podofile’s anamnesis is also linked to a receipt and invoice programme. This makes it super easy to print out a receipt for the client/patient when the client/patient can claim back the treatment from the health insurance company.

It took me a while to master the system, but now I’ve been working with it for years with great pleasure.