What about accreditation points?

Accreditation points

Accreditation points must be obtained in order to be visible in a quality register.

How does it all work?

When you work in healthcare, you need to keep track of your profession. Doctors, nurses, podiatrists, podotherapists but also medical pedicures have to show that they remain interested in their profession. This can be done by means of scholarships, conference visits, workshops, lectures, continuing education and e-learning programmes. There is a quality register for each discipline. To be registered in this register one has to pay an annual membership fee. The number of points to be gained is different for each register.

The intention is that everyone can view this register and see which medical pedicure is in it. It is also important for the possible reimbursements of the various health insurers. For example, a diabetic patient can be reimbursed for a foot treatment if this client goes to a medical pedicure who is affiliated and registered in the quality register. In the foot sector, we have the KRP (pedicure quality register) via Procert and the Kabiz register via the NMMV. The latter is also for doctor’s assistants and similar professions.





The range of training courses is very diverse. For example, they can deal with substantive subjects in foot care, but also work attitude, mourning and loss at your clients and quality control within your own company. Unfortunately, many colleagues within the foot care sector do not always see the usefulness of this up-to-date information during the meetings. Many find it too expensive and it takes a lot of time. Of course the congresses and so on cost a lot of money but we have a company and these are also costs for the company. Investing is called that. I think it’s about making contact with colleagues, getting acquainted with new products but especially keeping yourself awake. After all, 90% of my colleagues work alone. By keeping up with and staying up to date within your field of expertise, the profession also remains lively and very interesting.


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