Corona protocol Medical Pedicuresalon Aangenaam in Amsterdam

Following the report from our professional organisation Provoet and the guidelines from the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, you will find here the guidelines and working method of the Aangenaam pedicure salon in the coming period.

  • If you have an appointment, do not come to the practice too early
  • If you have an appointment, please come ONLY! If necessary, a maximum of 1 carer can come in.
  • When you make the appointment by phone, you will receive an instruction from me about protective equipment for yourself. This means that at the outer door of the practice there is a plastic (new) bag for you containing 2 surgical gloves and a mouth mask. When you bring a carer, please let us know in advance so we can have an extra mouth mask and an extra pair of gloves ready.

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Welcome to the Medical Pedicure Salon Aangenaam in Amsterdam

.Medical Pedicuresalon Aangenaam in Amsterdam has been a trusted and professional address for the care of your feet for over 36 years. The practice is located in a shop at the Willem de Zwijgerlaan 137 house in Amsterdam West. The pedicure salon is wheelchair friendly. The practice is located quite close to the centre of Amsterdam West and is also easily accessible via the A10 ring road.

You can come to usfor a very wide range of medical foot care treatments. Whether it’s a basic treatment or specialist medical treatments for diabetes patients, rheumatism patients, Ocological foot care or laser treatments at Pedicuresalon Aangenaam we have knowledge, the skills and the equipment available to treat you in the right way.

Of course, these treatments are performed by a fully qualified and certified (medical) pedicure. The complete range of treatments can be found under the heading treatments at the top of this page or by using this link. Of course, during the treatment, a lot of information, advice and education is given about the care of your feet and how to maintain them properly.

Our salon is affiliated with PROVOET the branch organisation for footcare professionals in The Netherlands. Of course we are registered with PROCERT who take care of the quality registration and accreditation in the healthcare in The Netherlands.pedicuresalon Aangenaam

It is important to note that on the days we are open we start at 06.30 in the morning, this is to give people the opportunity to get a treatment before work. The whole schedule of opening hours can be found here. We work strictly by appointment only.

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Fia Korper

My name is Fia Korper, 62 years old, married and I have two grown-up children. Since 36 years I am a pedicure / foot nurse / chiropodist. Since 2012 I am also an officially certified Medical Pedicure. Of course I am a member of the professional organisations Provoet and Procert.

The first years of my pedicure career I worked on an itinerant basis. In 1990 I bought a pedicure practice in a shop at the Willem de Zwijgerlaan 137 hs. Throughout my career, I have attended and followed various courses, workshops, fairs, congresses and training programmes (see diplomas and certificates).
As of 2014 I am a certified Oncological Footcare Provider (O.V.V.) and in 2015 I obtained the diploma Geriatric Footcare Provider (G.V.V.)
I also regularly give demonstrations at various trade fairs in the field of foot care. You may also have seen me on TV or heard me on the radio. These additions make the work very fun and varied. Since 10 years I also give Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) with which I can help you painlessly of various skin problems.

Fifteen years ago, I started teaching pedicure- and medical pedicure courses at a number of schools throughout the country and from 2016 to 2020 I ran my own school and training institute, Aangenaam Leren in Amstelveen.

I still love this beautiful profession. I work on the basis of the C.A.L. principle. Care for feet, Attention for people and Love for the profession.

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